AIDS / HIV in Europe

The countries that have the highest prevalence of AIDS and HIV in Europe are Estonia and Ukraine 1.20% 1.10% among 15 to 49-year-old Latvia and Russia 1.00% and 0.70% and 0.60% respectively Portugal. In West Europe, ways of HIV transmission is very high, however, many new contagious disease in this area through contact with infected people HIV prevalence among adults arise from other areas 15 to 49 years area of ​​about 570 thousand to 890 thousand by 0.3% and now is suffering from AIDS. Due to the availability of antiretroviral therapy of AIDS deaths is less than when protease inhibitors were introduced. At the end of 2007, it was estimated that about 800 thousand people with HIV were living in West Europe and at its center. This shows that an estimated 8.1% increase compared to 740 thousand in 2006 existed. The highest rates of Estonia, Portugal and Latvia reported the lowest rate in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and Romania, it has been reported. Although the number of people living with HIV in areas like Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa than in West and Central Europe is still considered a significant public health issues compared with relatively small. Given the social impact of the epidemic of AIDS and HIV since 1980, a profound work of sexual health again existed. As part of the global AIDS epidemic there are also concerns about the rapid growth of the epidemic in Eastern Europe and specifically in Estonia and in Russia and Central Asia.