AIDS / HIV in Africaا


Agrsal there is a problem many governments in sub-Saharan Africa rejected the idea, but they have already started to solve their problems. In Africa, AIDS was developed to face off in the general population. As a result, those who were engaged in a war with an emphasis on aspects such as preventing HIV transmission from mother to child, or the relationship between HIV and poverty, gender inequality and this aspect needs more funding, but to prevent the growth the outbreak was most effective. The global response to HIV and AIDS has improved in recent years. According to the Joint United Nations Programme for HIV large number of HIV positive people in Africa of antiretroviral therapy between 2005 and 2012 were used, approximately one million patients in 2012 under the management of the program and the number of patients in South Africa who received such treatment in 2011 was 75 percent more than in 2009. In addition to the above, the rate of deaths due to AIDS in 2011 in Africa and countries in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of volume was about 32% lower than in 2005. The number of new HIV infection in Africa in 2011. Significantly, 33 percent less than in 2001 and 24% by reducing the new infection and disease among children in sub-Saharan Africa are HIV positive compared to the new similar fell 25%.